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Our story begins over a thousand years ago in Bath, London where rain waters seeping hundreds of feet underground into limestone aquifers would be heated up through the natural geothermal energy. The temperatures reaching a near 1000° would transform the water to steam then rising back upward and heating the natural springs at the surface. These springs offered such powerful rejuvenation that the healing powers were named Aqua Sulis, the goddess of healing waters - the goddess of spa.

The practice of spa going is an ancient tradition of caring for the body and personal transformation. It continues today as a practice of making ourselves feel beautiful. At SULIS we understand beauty is a sense of perosnal confidence, dietary and spritual wellness, and the constant reminder of how beautiful you are. These are the foundations of SULIS and our promise to always treat you as a beautiful person.

We have carefully crafted an experience to ensure you feel your most beautiful during every visit and after your stay.


You deserve to feel this good.

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